TỦ ẤM - LHI-B10 Series

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Model: LHI-B10 Series 

Hãng sản xuất: Labtron – Anh

Labtron heating incubators, designed with polished  stainless-steel shelves and  inner glass door  for easy observation, it delivers a higher level of performance for storage of mould and biological cultivations.


Separate temperature-limiting alarm system for safe usage

Options such as Printer connector and  RS485 connector are  available to connect  printer and  computer for data  recording (Optional)

Auto-controller of fan speed  to prevent  damage to the samples

Large LCD screen to display data

Self-check function for easy identification of problems

Equipped with alarms for over temperature and  temperature difference


It has applications in scientific research centers to agricultural, biological research departments for storage of biology cultivations

Optional accessories:

Intelligent programmable temperature controller


Independent temperature-limiting Alarm system

RS485 connector

UV Sterilizer

Test hole on the left (   50mm)

Model LHI-B10 LHI-B11 LHI-B12
Chamber Volume 50L 100L 175L
Shelves 2(PCS) 3(PCS)
Display Resolution 0.10C
Temperature Range RT+100C  ~800C
Temperature Stability ±0.50C
Temperature Uniformity 0.5%
Interior Dimension (W×D×H)mm 375×370×370 455×430×510 560×530×590
Power Consumption 500W 1100W 1600W
Power 220V 50Hz
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